Parental Abduction – My child, My business?


So, it’s the weekend… Whoop! Whoop!! And how i love weekends! Just knowing that i can stay up late on Friday night gives me great joy (in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a nocturnal animal… my creative juices flow amply in the quiet night).

Anyway, i digress….

Remember the whole brouhaha with Nigerian celebrity, Davido and the accusations of child abduction¬†laid against him by his baby mama Sophia and her uncle, Dele Momodu? Apparently, he (and his sister) had planned to take his daughter to Dubai for medical checkup, without first obtaining the mother’s consent. It was interesting to read comments from people expressing righteous indignation – “can a parent be accused of abducting their own child?” ¬†“It’s their child after all to do with as they see fit.” “What’s wrong with planning a vacation for your child? Seriously, what’s wrong with that?” Continue reading “Parental Abduction – My child, My business?”